Stewy’s Dissenting Academy – Street art show @ Future Artists Studios

September 15th, 2016 by Asha

Future Artists Studios are proud to present ‘Stewy’s Dissenting Academy’ one of the UK’s most recognisable street artists.


stewy future artists dissenting_academy_frank72

Stewy’s street art is an expanding library of life size handcut stencils of psycho-geographically placed British icons. In addition he continues to create a series representing the A to Z of indigenous British animals shown to be reclaiming the cities and towns.

The British icons represent eccentrics, misfits and forward thinkers of Britain and they are placed in locations around the country that are relevant to them.

This is the 2nd collaboration between Stewy and Future Artists and a follow up to the hugely successful ‘Northern Souls’ show that took place in Manchester in 2013 – the exhibition will also contain films and installation pieces by Future Artists, there will also be a small selection of prints and original works for sale at the event.

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The exhibition is free, and opening times vary, please book a ticket from the link below to gain entry.

Book FREE Tickets HERE

The exhibition takes place at 81 chapel street, Future Artists Studios, Salford, M3 5BZ

View more STEWY Images here –…

Suzzane Moore – The Guardian – ‘Street art reminds us both of what we have to fight for, and what we have lost – I love street artist Stewy’s Tony Wilson stencils all over Manchester. And this use of street art for commemoration has been growing. Remember the Banksy and all those other images that appeared when Amy Winehouse died? She now, thankfully, had wings. Malcolm McClaren appeared at the end of my road (where he was born), in a brilliant stencil by Stewy, which was soon painted over by the council. Stewy’s Mary Wollstonecraft still resides near me and makes me happy every time I see it, this charting of an alternative history.’