Jay and Silent Bob are ready to hang out at pop up cinema in a Salford Pub!

September 10th, 2012 by Asha


Jay and Silent Bob are ready to hang out at pop up cinema in a Salford Pub!


The 90s Classic ‘Clerks’ directed by indie favourite Kevin Smith, will be screening at counter culture pub, the Black Lion on Chapel Street, Salford this Autumn as part of the ‘Masters of cinema’ series curated by Future Artists, the creative collective who run the arts venue at the pub.

Mark Ashmore who curated the evening explains ‘ We have decided to do a masters of cinema series, this month at the lion, we are screening Alfred Hitchcocks ‘Vertigo’, which recently came top of the sight and sound best 100 films, we chatted in the office what the opposite of Hitchcock would be, and we thought of Kevin Smith, the 90s slacker director – Smith and Hitchcock are complete polar opposites, but both auteurs of cinema!


Clerks is the ultimate slacker movie, and the Black Lion is proud to bring this film to a whole new generation.


Mark continues ‘Clerks was the movie my generation studied in film class, and now some of my team, who are under 20, where born around the same time the film was made! Its time to introduce Jay and Silent Bob to the lost generation’.


‘Clerks’ plot revolves around two best friends, one runs a convenience store, the other a video store, they waste the day talking pop culture, star wars and annoying customers, a day in the life with a twist in the tale!


The Film was made by Kevin Smith for under $30,000 (thirty thousand) around the same time Kevin Costner was making Waterworld for $100,0000 (one hundred million), and was part of a new wave of American independent cinema, which included the likes of Quentin Tarantino.


So if you fancy kicking back in a cinema, with its own bar, beanbags, homemade burgers and counter culture views on the world, get down to the Black Lion, Chapel Street, Salford, M35BZ on Tuesday 18th September at 8pm : advance tickets are only £4 – bargain.


Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock will be screened the following week on the 25th of September – tickets can be purchased from here